What commonly repeated cooking tip is just completely wrong?

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Starting to saute onion and garlic at the same time. Onion takes a lot longer to cook and adding the garlic too early can burn it which can ruin the entire flavour of the dish. So many recipes tell you to do this and I just don’t get it!


Myth: high heat is like fast-forward for cooking. Still working to get my dad to understand this one.


Cookies: “bake until golden brown” The cookie sheet will stay hot after it leaves the oven and keep baking the cookies for a minute or so. If you want *soft* cookies, it’s better to take them out when only the edges look golden brown and let them keep cooking outside of the oven.


Rinsing off chicken. I know you don’t want to get salmonella, but rinsing off chicken just spreads it. Cooking it solves the problem automatically.


Adding oil to your pasta water to prevent it from clumping. Oil floats in water. Just stir it.