What is one thing America is the best at?

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Starting conversations with complete strangers without the need for alcohol to do it


Producing media content. The United States is incredible at producing content and are unmatched in that regard.


Variety in National Parks


America is indisputably the leading media exporter in the world. Our culture has leaked into every single society by way of our movies, TV Shows, etc.


Japan and the US are easily the greatest nations in technological advances. The US gives the most foreign aid of any nation on Earth. US Movies and TV produce more than ten times the amount of revenue that the next nation down(Britain) does. The US gives 210,000 KM^2 to National Parks, which is fifth in the world. However, the US hosts the most different biomes, so national parks vary a lot more than they would in other nations that only host a couple of different biomes. These national parks are also very accessible. 61% of the world’s banks keep their reserves in US Dollars. 40% of the world’s debt is denominated in US currency. The US boasts the strongest and most funded military on the planet. The US spends 732 billion dollars on their military, which is more than the GDP of 196 different countries. The US has the largest economy in the world, clocking in at 22.3 trillion US dollars. The next nation down is China at 16 trillion US dollars. The US houses the largest, by far, stock exchange in the world(New York). The US is the world leader in space exploration and aviation, also launching the first commercial space flight last year. The US is the home to the three highest rated universities in the world, via QS World University Rankings. Americans give the most in charitable donations, with the US public giving 427.21 billion dollars in 2018. The US overtook Russia in 2009 for the highest production of natural gasses, and in 2018 set a historic record with 30.6 trillion cubic feet produced. The US has the largest library in the world, the Library of Congress, and are in top 5 for most libraries internationally. The US has the interstate-highway system and the most roads in the world. The US doesn’t charge you to go to the bathroom. Europe, wtf? Finally, the postal service is really good here. I don’t know any statistics for this, but I do know many people I’ve talked to from abroad say our postal service is much better than other country’s.