What is something you strongly believe in but don’t have evidence for?

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I’m convinced that the myth of dragons in the middle ages originates from early findings of dinosaur fossils. It simply seems like a logical explanation to me, but I have not the slightest evidence for this theory.


Being a good person is worth the trouble.


Other intelligent life exists, but is too far away to interact with us ever.


That the Tasmanian Tiger is not extinct. Great swathes of Tasmania are largely uninhabited and still heavily forested . People wander a few metres off a track and are never seen again so dense is the bush. So my old romantic heart hopes that Tigers are still out there.


My grandpa had a second family. I never knew him as he died before I was born, but my mom would talk about how he’d occasionally disappear for up to a month at a time and my grandma never once asked why because he said it wasn’t her business (this was like the 50s and 60s). My mom told me that she’d occasionally have this dream where he had a second family and I think it’s because deep down she suspected it.