What’s one thing that your ex gave that you can’t get rid of?

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A 400-page handmade dictionary of my ancestors’ language. Took her 5 months and a ton of research to finish. She was a linguistics major and knew 7 languages, and she knew how much my heritage means to me. It’s the most thoughtful and meaningful gift I have ever received. UPDATE: for everyone asking about the language, it’s called Adyghe (language of the Circassian people). On how the relationship ended, it was her choice when she left me a month before her study abroad semester. She didn’t trust that I won’t cheat on her (which I never did/would, not with her or anyone else). She also knew that my parents won’t approve of a non-Circassian partner anyway and her catholic family probably won’t accept me either (I was raised in a Muslim culture). Another big part was because I used to smoke weed regularly and she absolutely hated that. She grew up watching a family member and other close friends get hooked on hard drugs and completely fuck up their lives after starting with weed. Worth noting that we were both in college back then (around 22ish) and it was my first serious relationship ever, so inevitably I did mistakes and didn’t treat her as well as she deserved. We did try to get back together after her study abroad semester but things just didn’t work out. Glad to say it ended in a good way.




Confidence in myself. She showed me what I was worth and what I deserved in a partner and for that I’ll be forever grateful Edit: we only broke up because she has a debilitating personality disorder that takes up all of her time and energy. She was my best friend before we dated, and we’re on good terms now. She hasn’t seen anybody since we broke up, and barely even talks to her family at times. It’s just the way she’s always been but it’s become worse and I think she wanted to spare me a relationship that didn’t give me enough.


A cigarette burn on my dick. Edit: She also left bite mark scars in the same area. One of those things I did not ask for lol. And no… I’m not going to send any pictures of my dick LMAO.


Curtains for my super uninsulated apartment, can’t get rid of something so convenient