Why is it most kids are able to realize that Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are fake as they grow up, yet grown adults still believe in religions that are just as far-fetched?

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No one tells kids that Santa will burn them forever if they don’t believe in him.


One reason is probably that the social consequences are greater when you start questioning religion than they are when you realize that Santa Claus is your dad with a pillow and a fake beard.


Because the adults believe it. Once a kid says Santa isn’t real, eventually the adults will say, “Yup, you got us”. They won’t do that with religious stuff because the adults believe it too


Because you can find Santa’s presents and the Easter baskets in the closet, and catch Mom swapping the tooth, but you can’t prove the negative on religion until it’s too late to demonstrate. So if you really want to believe, you can do it all your life.


You don’t really hear about Santa, the Easter bunny or the tooth fairy every week. You are not threatened with eternal hell and damnation if you don’t believe in Santa, the Easter bunny or the tooth fairy.