Woman Pepper-Sprayed Man Taking Photos of His Own Children in Arlington: Police

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She reported him to security, then pepper-sprayed him *after* he told the security guard they were his kids? Wtf.


My child makes such an unbelievable scene when it’s time to leave the park I make sure to clearly be seen/conspicuous with him and chat up other parents so nobody calls the cops about a kidnapping when I’m forced to haul him out over my shoulder, kicking and screaming.


My goddaughters (3&5 att) had to watch their dad actually attack a woman who was trying to put them into her car “just until the police arrive and they are sure about all this” It was literally some woman in her late 40s walking her dogs in the park and she felt that because they “didn’t look like him” (they’re basically gender swapped clones) she could take matters into her own hands and ‘save’ these children Apparently she screamed like a banshee when he shoved her to the ground and tried to tell the police he choked her She got arrested and got 10 months thanks to a ring cctv camera looking over the park from someones garden, her vintage clothing shop also went out of business which sounds like a happy ending but every time my mate brings up this story his hands start to tremble and he stutters bc that whole 20 minute event has set in this strong anxiety that whenever he is out alone, *with his own fucking children*, people see him as a criminal


A few years ago I took my MUCH younger cousin to McD’s. She got kicked in the face at the ball pit, and would not stop crying for mom. Eventually a woman and her husband in tow approached me and accused me of having kidnapped her. They tried asking her who I was, but she was stuck on I want my mom mode. They called the cops on me, so I just called my aunt and explained the situation. The cops got there before my aunt, and they were very aggressive. My cousin would not stop crying for mom, so that only made things worse. Eventually my aunt showed up, my cousin ran to mom, who had to explain to the police that I had in fact not abducted her kid. The lady would not have it though. She kept pressing for me to be arrested for “endangering” my cousin. Eventually, the mother of the child who kicked my cousin approached us and told the cops that she had seen me walk in with the girl, and her kid had indeed kicked her in the face accidentally, as it happens in a ball pit. The woman was adamant and wanted me arrested, so her husband got in between us and started to walk her away. The cops told me I should “clean up” before hanging out with children.


When madeline mccan went missing, my friend had a similar age daughter that looked similar to the pictures of her. When they were in an airport, a lady came over grabbed her by the shoulders and started shaking her shouting “maddie, maddie is that you?”