A new startup claims it AI can analyze the emotions of humans, and come up with solutions to manipulate them more successfully to achieve sales goals

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When I was a kid I would watch Star Trek and read science fiction and dream of the awesome world technology was going to provide. Now, as a middle-aged man, I don’t see Star Trek anymore all I see is Blade Runner. `


I’d like an AI to manipulate me into achieving my own goals lol


lol. did it also come up with a solution to sell to people with no money ?


I think the title is a bit misleading. It’s only monitoring people’s emotions during sales calls and giving general advice. It’s seeking to bridge the gap between in-person meetings and video calls, because it can be difficult to gauge a person’s emotions in a video call. I will also say that the validity of these sorts of systems is questionable in my experience because there’s a lot of room for interpretation, subjectivity, and complex notions in human emotion and therefore an implicit imprecision in the training data. I’d also be surprised if it could actually give you any more information than a human could because you’re still relying on the same limited streams of information in a video call. Edit: spelling, wording


Capitalism at its finest right here. “How can we sell more stuff? Oh yeah, use break through technology to manipulate people”. Well done mankind, well done.