America Has Turned Its Back on Its Poorest Families. Again.

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Much like the disabled, the poor lack well funded lobbyists. The SSI Restoration Act rots in congress. These important issues tend to never get brought up for debate or vote. SSI is grossly outdated, and in desperate need of reform. I don’t know how the issues that make their way to the floor is decided, but our system of governance lacks efficiency. Lobbying interest are greater than the interests of average citizens.


All America is doing by hurting the poor is throwing a wrench into the great economic engine that runs it. To put it another way, by hurting the poor, America’s rich are cutting off their noses to spite their faces. The sooner we, as a nation, realize that the economy is built from the ground up, rather than from the top down, the sooner everyone will prosper.


Correction – 50 Republicans + Manchin and Sinema have turned their backs on America’s poorest families again.


If only children were protected as well as a fetus


The poor haven’t been a priority since the LBJ administration.