An active sunspot is approaching. Solar Flare M2.2 – 15/04/22 – The northeastern limb of the sun is seething with activity.

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All these intelligent comments and I’m over here unmuting the video out of habit like I’m going to hear the sun spitting fire like Ozai


So is that bad? I read the comment and I understand nothing


I have found that my dog knows when we are getting a CME. He runs up to the electrical pole and starts barking at the transformer, just like if I turn on the ultra sonic cleaner (I cannot hear, but he sure can) he is hearing the high pitch vibrations from the ions in the air raising the electrical potential, which makes the transformer sing.


When is the optimal time to stick my marshmallows out the window? I like a medium crust. 😋


The same group put out an X class flare earlier today/tonight. It will be more of a threat in about a week, as the group rotates to face us.