Apple store workers at Grand Central Terminal start collecting signatures to form a union

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The most profitable company in human history and their employees are on food stamps. How do they justify this subsidy from taxpayers? Pay your people Timmy! EDIT: it’s high time we acknowledge that globalism has benefited only a few people. It’s time we restore dignity to work. This meritocracy where elites look down their noses at regular folks who provide essential value to these companies has taken a full departure from civility. I for one am happy to see people have the courage to stand up to tyranny. EDIT: Some refuse to believe Apple employees are on food stamps. That’s fine. The truth is many are. I know them personally. As a current employee, I can tell you this is happening at scale. EDIT: some also argue that these Apple Retail workers are unskilled, uncredentialed and replaceable. Well when they bind together into ONE UNIONIZED BODY this statement is instantly reversed. Nothing looks worse than those who abuse their own. I applaud these workers for being the first to truly care about this great company and are taking necessary steps to save if from the current management. EDIT: I’ve also received comments suggesting that Apple provides channels for employees to discuss these things — which they don’t need permission as it is protected by federal law to do so. That said, in my experience, I have seen management delete emails from the server wherein working conditions are being discussed as well as management asserting that employees not speak to each other about their wages. EDIT: There are some assertions here that “For retail, these employees are paid better than anyone.” This is flawed thinking. Apple is not a retail company but a technology company. Retailers (resellers) make tiny margines versus Apple — which profits at many many multiples of even the most successful retailers. In addition, work is not classified by what an employer labels it as, but by the duties actually performed — which at an Apple store is far beyond and above your typical retail worker. Apples and oranges comparison.


In my country you can just join a national union and they will start working for your rights


Good luck to them! That company needs to start sharing its obscene profits with the people who make those billions of dollars.


seeing a lot of pro-union posts lately


I think any company with more than 1,000 employees should have to give 25% of it’s profits to it’s employees for making the company so successful.