Bioengineering more efficient trees

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Wood that work?


I see a lot of hate in the comments. For one thing, it’s our actions that are dumping literal tons of carbon into the atmosphere so anything we can do to clean it back up is really our responsibility. And for all the worry about “playing god”, we’ve been manipulating genetics for millennia now through breeding. How do you think pugs exist? Directly manipulating genetics cuts out the middle man. Are there dangers and ethical concerns here? Of course. But there’s always a fine line to walk between what we can do with technology and what we choose to do with it. And in my mind, making super carbon absorbing trees that grow fast is just positive all around. I see this as an absolute win.


So many Jurassic park fans, too little Lorax fans


This should be high priority


At this rate they can’t evolve quick enough to ensure the survival of oxygen breathers so this is the most logical step for modern technology to take. Sadly