Boyfriend is Muslim and wants me to try fasting

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Have a heart to heart talk with him. I see this as a warning sign that, over time, your lack of faith will become more and more of an issue to him. If he has family, they may put on more pressure. It happens that his attitude toward faith can change and it becomes more important to him that you share his. Marriage/children can sometimes make the issue of religion more pressing and divisive. Does he honestly understand that you will not “see the light” as time goes on? He may think that in the end you will come to believe his religion. He has to know and accept that you won’t.


ask him to try pork, without putting religion in it 😉


I am a Muslim, I think he’s trying to introduce you to Islam slowly. If you want me to be blunt and honest, he wants to convert you.


If you aren’t interested, then don’t do it. Regardless of religion, you shouldn’t feel coerced into doing anything you don’t want to, especially the body-related ones. You aren’t insensitive or selfish. You should be able to say “no” and not have to explain yourself.


This is the beginning of pressure to convert. It will only get worse. Get out now.