Britain’s most powerful nuclear submarine arrives in Gibraltar hours after Putin’s threat

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HMS Audacious… I like that name.


***Audacious*** *is capable of striking targets up to 1,200km from the coast with pinpoint accuracy.* *The vessel is also capable of producing its own oxygen and fresh water from sea water, meaning it is capable of sustaining long missions without needing to come up for air.* *The arrival of the vessel comes after Putin banned Boris Johnson and several other members of the Cabinet from ever entering Russia.*


A lot of people in these comments seem to think that this submarine carries nuclear weapons. This is not the case. HMS Audacious is a nuclear-powered attack submarine, abbreviated to SSN. While she is capable of firing torpedoes and cruise missiles from her front torpedo tubes, she has no capability to launch ICBMs. This task falls to the Vanguard class SSBNs, the platform responsible for the United Kingdom’s nuclear deterrent. You’ll find even less reports/sightings of these aside from occasional glimpses as they head into HMNB Clyde, their home base in Scotland. Edit: “nuclear” to “nuclear-powered” for further clarity as well as “Faslane” to “Clyde”


I helped build this.


Now I am waiting for Putin to announce he ordered Captain Marko Ramius to move the Red October closer to the waters of Britain /s