‘Burnt out and tired’: nurses at leading California hospitals prepare to strike

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>Nurses represented by the union voted by 93% in favor of a strike authorization as the union’s contract expired on 31 March and 30 bargaining sessions over the past three months have yet to yield a tentative agreement. The union has criticized the lack of participation from nursing administrators in bargaining sessions. This would be the first time they have gone on strike since 2000. **93%** in favor! I didn’t think you could get that many people to agree on anything, but 2 years of saving lives during a pandemic only for administrators to try to make benefits **worse**? That boils my blood.


the CEO’s and top staff are all like, “let’s put a sign, no no, better yet, an airplane! and fly a banner that says ‘thank you heroes for fighting covid!” HAHA. this is what happens when you have profits before patients. a shitty, disorganized healthcare system


“What, calling you guys heroes and giving you free swag isn’t enough?” -admin


I’m burnt out and tired of the bedside. Have an interview at a dialysis center tomorrow. There’s not enough therapy in the world for all the healthcare workers out there.


right on strike for better wages and more off time. You need it and the fat cats can afford it