Christianity is poison to humanity.

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I think religion, in general, is a cancer on society.


Christian Nationalism is the poison. Wouldn’t be such a problem if they just practice their faith, but no, they got to have this psychotic need to force their faith on the rest of us in the courts and legislature.


The problem for us as individuals and for society as a whole is irrational thinking. Religion is the largest and most condoned version of it. It allows people to believe in that which is unsupported by reality. When people make decisions that don’t align with reality, it rarely ends well. The problem is that those decisions often affect others around them as we are too interdependent of a society. If we are to progress, we need to prioritize critical thinking. We need to prioritize rationality over believing what feels good. It’s slowly happening so it’s going to take many generations to make a real difference.


Religion is like alcohol; a toxin that disconnects from reality and makes people feel better in small amounts but is extremely problematic in large amounts and certain variations, and that humanity can’t seem to give up.


All religion is poison to humanity.