COVId: Antibodies gained from the vaccine are much more potent at eliciting a Natural Killer response against Spike expressing cells than are antibodies from an infection

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For people that aren’t sure about the immune system, this study doesn’t indicate that vaccines will provide greater protection against Covid then natural infection. It is saying that an aspect of immunological response is more active due to vaccines over natural infection


Why do the numbers show a slight edge in decreased severity and hospital admissions from people who were previously infected but not vaccinated vs only vaccinated?


One would surmise that natural immunity to the entire pathogen would be superior at killing new variants than one that only identifies the spike


For those wondering what this is: when the body detects antigens (such as the spike protein) on a cell, it will kill the cell because it is most likely being used to replicate the virus. This study shows this activity is much stronger when caused by the vaccine, even though the cells are not actually infected by a virus but only replicating the spike protein to elicit and immune response.


Does this indicate a higher efficacy in preventing infection?