Daily Simple Questions Thread – April 17, 2022

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how to not cry during hack squat and leg extensions?


I broke my ankle yesterday. I’ve just gotten into my stride. Just started seeing gains after a few months. The gym is my church and only mental health outlet. How can I maintain?


I’m doing the 4 day a week nsuns LP at the minute. Thing is I have exams coming up and with my sleep schedule I’m finding that going to the gym throws off my entire day because i always wake up late and leave at like 3pm, then by the time I get back I only ever squeeze in a few hours of evening studying I’m thinking of reducing it to 2 days a week, so just drawing out the week cycle into two weeks, so I can hopefully maintain the progress I’ve made. I don’t mind if I plateau for a bit Does that sound sensible? Ik that the obvious solution is to just stop being lazy and go earlier or do more studying in the morning, but I’m honestly just so depressed and lethargic right now that it seems impossible to do even once let alone consistently


ate way over my daily calories because of a gathering at a buffet. currently reverse dieting, how should i go about recovering from this day of overeating?


How do i stop hating leg day