Detroit illegally overtaxed homeowners $600M resulting in 100,000 people losing their homes to foreclosure.

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>state law prohibits the city from providing cash payments or tax credits to any of the overtaxed residents OMFG. And they’re giving the homeowners fucking Section 8 Vouchers. Even if they wanted to give back the $600M, doing so would further bankrupt the city and drive up taxes etc. This is a perfect storm of corruption. Even Louisiana is impressed


I smell a lawsuit…that’ll cost a lot more than that.


I’m starting to think that maybe, just maybe, Detroit has not been managed very well…


And no one will go to jail, I bet. Oops, my bad! Steal a snickers and your life is over, steal livelihoods and at worst they’ll just make you give it back.


So if I understand correctly, some homeless people are made homeless by no fault of their own?