Drug Dealer Botches His Cover After Shining Laser At Police Helicopter That Was Searching For Missing Person

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There was a great video of this on you tube about why you have to be a moron to do this. Jackass was shining green laser at police helicopter, they sent a squad car to the guys house, he tried to go into the yard, sat down at a table full of people to pretend it wasn’t him, and the helicopter was like “nah, we got him on night vision, 2nd guy from the left, laser is in his front right hand pocket, yeah, that’s the guy, your hands on his shoulder. “. It’s like automatic jail time and a 20k dollar fine and they have the whole thing on video.


That the drug dealer is called Narcis, is also amusing.


Has to pay the idiot tax. Poor guy.


This dude got a crippling dose of stupidity


How do they catch people who do this when they DO NOT have search cameras out? Like a commercial airplane?