Dublin Airport got 12,272 noise complaints last year from just one person

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“The complainant lodged 12,272 complaints during 2021 with DAA at an average rate of 34 cases daily, the airport operator said. Reports from the individual accounted for 90pc of complaints received by the airport operator about noise from aircraft taking off and landing at Dublin. It is almost double the 6,227 complaints the same individual filed in 2020”


My local small airport has one neighbor that has constantly complained for years. Finally the county sent an official there to properly measure the noise, but they couldn’t because the noise from the traffic on the road next to their house would always drown the noise from the aircraft. This person has never complained about road noise. Some people are just weird.


Reminds me of the robin that starts banging its beak against my window each morning at 6:04am. It wakes up each day and chooses violence.


33.x calls a day? WTF? Did someone script up the web email complaint form and have it send in a complaint every 45 minutes or so?


People that move into airport areas and then complain about the noise make me laugh. What the fuck did they expect? Silence?