Even subclinical levels of anxiety and depression appear to elevate eating disorder severity

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I know it’s important to actually verify and document even what “common” sense would consider obvious… But really that’s on another level of obvious. Of course if you are under stress or suffering from temporary depression-adjacent symptoms all your unhlealthy habits and coping mechanisms will get worse. Eating disorders, all sorts of addictions, risky behaviors…


I’d like to know to what effect eating disorders do actually mitigate anxiety and depression. I did it, it did help. How many subclinical cases would be clinical if you took away all the maladaptive strategies people use?


“anxiety and depression levels should be measured” How’s that done though?


After lockdown started I wasnt doin real well, I obviously stopped going to the gym and also would have water for dinner from just feeling so purposeless. Lost 40lbs in less than a year (185 -> 145) E: around 160-165 now, much healthier


I wish this was the opposite effect because my depression makes me have an unhealthy relationship with food where after being skinny my whole life I’ve gained weight to the point where my family has noticed.