Feds say towing company illegally sold service members’ cars

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Towing companies are predatory businesses. Every single one of them. No exceptions. They should all be ashamed of themselves.


Lol of course this story is from Hampton Roads. Didn’t even need to look to know. Predators have been fleecing service members there since forever.


Steve’s Towing of Virginia Beach hates the troops.


The locals always try to fleece service men/women all the time. They like to play up their connections and fly all the flags for show, but they don’t care. When I was in the service, it was cheaper to fly home buy a car and drive it back then to buy it in the city I was stationed at.


I had to call a tow truck in L.A one day, I make a pretty good living the driver said, he only charged me like 50 bucks or something, i asked how he made a good living charging 50 bucks to tow a car, in L.A traffic? he said, regulations back then, allowed him when off duty, to cruise the parking lots of the city at night, and tow any vehicle back to his own lot, if it was parked illegally somewhere, and then charge the owner, what ever he wanted. I make my real money after hours he said.