Florida’s Anti-Woke Crusade Has a New Target: Math Textbooks

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>The press release does not provide any examples of the offending material, but it does say that 54 of 132 submitted textbooks were rejected, including 71 percent of materials proposed for grades K–5. The materials did not comply with the state’s educational standards, which apparently emphasize real-world context for math problems and discourage “unsolicited strategies” such as “culturally responsive teaching.” I really wish the GOP would provide specific examples and show us what they mean. Otherwise I’m gonna assume they are getting offended when a math problem uses a non white name.


If any of you expect “examples” of why they’re rejecting books you don’t know what kind of hustle you’re looking at. This is McCarthyism. They already lied to their base about a danger to their kids that wasn’t there and their base believes them- they don’t need “examples” or “evidence.” What they need is the *illusion of danger.* So they’ll keep banning books you can’t know the names of, removing texts for reasons they won’t say, etc. The whole idea is to mobilize their base into a mob. That’s the whole thing, keep them feeling like there’s a threat. IF they find any kind of offensive material in textbooks they’ll trot it out, but it will be something stupid and psychologically telling like when they were upset about the green M&M.


Common Core math is not the problem; lack of fluency in math by parents is the problem. Common Core does not teach math much differently than previous approaches, it does require students to think more broadly about mathematics. What has changed considerably is the rate that math is taught; it goes much faster now than in the 80s (so that we can remain competitive with other countries that are doing the same thing). Kids are taking algebra, trigonometry and geometry classes in middle school. In the past algebra wasn’t normally until high school. They can then take calculus in their sophomore year of high school and are into some relatively advanced math. When parents try to help their kids with math homework, they have no idea what is going on because they either didn’t take, or don’t remember algebra (much less calculus) and it is more comfortable to blame Common Core than admit they suck at math.


People who know nothing about teaching and learning making decisions for the families of Florida. This saddens me deeply for the kids who won’t see themselves or their families represented in the math classroom.


Can climate change just fucking wipe Florida off the map already?