Gay parents called ‘rapists’ and ‘pedophiles’ in Amtrak incident – The couple blames conservative politicians and right-wing media for the incident, citing a recent uptick in charged rhetoric surrounding LGBTQ issues.

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Republicans shout all this nonsense about banning abortion, but aren’t lining up to adopt any babies. Then get upset when people do adopt the babies that weren’t aborted. Fucking pathetic party and people.


>The train’s conductor demanded that the unnamed man leave the train, but he refused, Broverman said. >“He said, ‘I’m not getting off. You’re going to have to kill me before I get off the train,’” Broverman recalled. “It was very serious before and even more at that point.” WTF >Police for Santa Clara and officials at Amtrak did not address NBC News’ query about whether the man had been arrested. I think we can assume the answer is ‘No.’


Yup, and just like the homophobia ramps up again. This is like the 90s all over again.


Republican culture is all about authoritarianism and anti-LGBTQ beliefs nowadays. Most ironic part is they call everyone a pedophile while they themselves worship many like Trump and Gaetz.


>The couple blames conservative politicians and right-wing media they are right to do so, so do I