GOP congressman who voted to impeach Trump says death threats will be ‘a detriment getting good people to run’

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Yeah, that’s kind of the point.


We need to increase sentences/fines on death threats, and raise sentencing guidelines with mandatory incarceration for a first conviction. Theats of violence stifles democracy. Stronger measures are in order.


If republicans voters wanted good people in the government, they wouldn’t keep voting for the shittiest people running for office. Elections for the gop is essentially just a race to the bottom


> “You know, it puts you at risk, particularly when they threaten not only you — and I like to think I’m pretty fast — but when they threaten your spouse or your kids or whatever, that’s what really makes it frightening,” Upton told Meet the Press. Soooo, terrorism, unchecked domestic terrorism from the right wing. Using fear to force people out of politics.


This is right out of the old KGB manual. Every step of the way, people warn, and the very next step people ignore. Our country is under assault. China, Russia, Iran, our own greedy billionaires are using every crack to make a great divide, so they can eat the scraps. Now the jackals get to run things, and it only gets worse. Vote.