Got a telescope!

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You can buy a phone adapter online, that way you can get your camera lined up in the lens perfectly. You can get some pretty cool pictures


Congrats omg I can’t wait to get one & stare at the moon every night😭


When I first saw the thumbnail, I didnt realize what sun I was in. My mind went straight to r/wellthatsucks and expected there to be a box with a crushed dream inside due to poor package handling. Pleased to see it’s the opposite! Congratulations! Edit: I’m leaving my typo. It’s better that way.


Enjoy! There really is nothing better than making your own observations with your own equipment.


Use a filter when looking at a full moon. The brightness can damage your eyes Look at the moon when it’s half, this will blow your mind! I don’t know if you can observe Saturn…cause THAT is next level awesomeness