Help! My 75 yr old father just got evicted and I need to know what options a ritired police office and retired naval officer have in regards to governenment-assisted housing.

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He earns 5k a month why was he evicted/why isn’t he paying for an apartment? Generally government assistance is for people without much money not someone clearing 60k a year.


I don’t understand why he got evicted given that he’s well above the poverty line and probably wouldn’t qualify for most means tested benefits


> He receives around $5000 usd in combined pension per month He’s not low income, and should have no trouble affording an apartment at market rate unless he’s trying to live in a very high cost of living area. If he’s having money issues, there may be something else going on, like he’s accrued a lot of debt he can’t afford, or may have memory issues that make it difficult for him to pay his rent and utilities. Talk to a lawyer about power of attorney, and maybe talk to your state’s department of aging if you want help identifying other kinds of assistance. I don’t think he’ll qualify for any kind of subsidized housing given his relatively high pension income, but there may be other kinds of help as you navigate helping your father.


Sounds on the surface like he may be suffering from some level of dementia and forgetting to pay bills. Dementia, like so many things aren’t cut and dry, kind of a spectrum if you will. He may seem very coherent in some ways but still have problems handling things he did before. If you have or can get POA, you can manage his finances relatively easily. If it is simply forgetting to pay, auto payment can solve that. If there are other financial issues like over spending, you may need to segregate his ” spending account” from his “bill account”


Find out if someone is taking child support , alimony, settlement against him or paying owed taxes. Or taking/transfering money out of his bank account.