I am paying $1800 rent for mentally ill brother out of state to live in a group care home. Can I claim him as dependent on taxes this year?

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Yes, since that sounds like you’re providing more than half the support he needs.


I know this isn’t what you asked…but when the immediate crisis of tax season is over, I recommend talking to some professionals (esp a lawyer and a tax accountant) and some advocacy groups with relevant experience (e.g. NAMI) to come up with the best long-term strategy for your brother’s care. It may be continuing to just pay his rent, but a more complex system may end up being better for either or both of you, and you won’t know if you don’t ask the questions.


File an extension and then talk to a lawyer or accountant


How old is he? Is he under conservatorship? Will you claiming him as beneficiary affect his SSI benefits? All good questions for a tax attorney. (((Big hugs)))


I don’t know if this is good advice or not, but maybe file now without claiming him so as not to risk any benefits he’s receiving, then get the information you need and file an amended tax return if and as needed. I have no basis for this other than it seems to make sense.