I made a huge mistake that i regret, people are saying i did it because i am an atheist

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> but still said that if i believed in god, i wouldnt have done it. Well this is just flat out wrong. You’re right, you’re judging yourself way too much.


So is your friends point that people who are religious don’t commit adultery?


The fact that the other person involved believes in god is proof your friend is an idiot. Feel bad. Fell regret. Work through it and come out better on the other side. Those are normal emotions evolved to help us not repeat behavior that is harmful to ourselves or our community. Don’t feel like it has anything to do with religion though.


First of all, you did nothing wrong at all. It is the person who was engaged that did something wrong. There is nothing for you to forgive, because you did nothing wrong. Second of all, religious people are the worst “sinners” of all. Third, if no one has told you yet today, I love you and lots of others love you too.


realize you’re human and try and do better tomorrow. atheists are not the only ones who make mistakes. it’s okay to forgive yourself.