“I respect your religion but”yeah, no I don’t

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I feel the same way. I hate religion as a concept and I will not / do not respect it. I however do not hate religious people unless they’ve given me reason to do so. Example of my uncle who said with full sincerity that he would happily take a non believer out in the desert and rip him apart with his truck piece by piece, simply for not believing. Naturally, he’s on my shit list and my “keep an eye on this one” list lol.


Ask a Christian if he respects Islam, probably get a negative response, and then ask him why he expects his religion to be treated differently by non-believers and you will probably get the most brain dead answer Edit: this probably doesn’t work in a secular environment


*I do not get how a peaceful and loving religion can be so…* there is no such thing as a peaceful and loving religion. jainism is as close as you can get but i’m betting you really don’t want to be a jain.


I allow people their own private belief, as long as they keep it private (i.e. they don’t enforce it on me)


What made you believe it was ‘peaceful and loving’? That’s just their hype. All religion is essentially tribalism, which demands conformity and unquestioning obedience, loyalty to your ingroup, hostility to outgroups, and values ignorance as a virtue.