i started investing with little money.

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Of course it’s worth it! Keep going and don’t stop. You’ll have more money in 20 years then you think you will by doing this.


Do you plan on being alive in 15-20 years? If yes, then it doesn’t matter if you can only invest a little bit right now, because in 20 years you’d rather have something than nothing. Read “The Simple Path to Wealth” by J L Collins. Don’t get convinced by youtube charlatans that you need to invest in riskier things because with your small amount you’ll never make it otherwise. You CAN get rich slowly and steadily over time, don’t get blinded by greed. Good luck bud, in 20 years you’ll be very happy your young dumb self was smart enough to put $50/month away.


Chap I literally started doing that this month with exactly the same values and I’m 35.


$500 + $50/month for 20 years = $12,500 $500 + $50/month for 20 years, compounded at 7% average historical returns of stock market = $28,000 Which one do you prefer?


Play around with an Investment calculator. Start amount $500 8% return rate annually Additional contribution $50 monthly. 10 years – $10,085.68 age 35 15 years – $18,466.40 age 40 20 years – $30,780.43 age 45 30 years – $75, 458.86 age 55 40 years – $171,916.23 age 65 retirement. Now imagine if you earn enough money to put away $50-$100 a week vs $50 a month.. any additional money put in and given enough time will make you a millionaire.