Indian Space Shuttle before Experimental Launch

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I’ve read that it’s passing it’s tests so congratulations to them, but man I can’t get over it looking like it was designed by a 10 year old.


Looks something straight out of Kerbal Space Program, just add some more struts and I’m sure it will work!


So when do we find out if this thing works as intended?


I feel like there’s a non-zero percent chance this was designed in Kerbal.


I don’t even like it when anything from India (my country) gets posted here because I get extremely dejected by most of the comments, usually from people from western countries, demeaning the country or finding nooks and complaints about the picture, or the shuttle in the picture. I hate it when they get upvoted because then it attracts people from all aspects of American/western areas and they’ll brutally dissect everything and nitpick and make us feel small. I mean if there are flaws, safety hazards or if it is inferior in every way to nasa’s ships, or is just not an impressive feat then it is what it is I guess. We accept it and move on and the country’s scientists will do the best job they probably can. Who knows, I’m not one of them. To an average Indian child, teenager or adult person this feels like something to be proud of.