Instagram under fire over sexualised child images

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It’s all of social media that should be thrown out to trash, and the parents exploiting their kids should be thrown along with it.


TikTok is at fault, too. The amount of times I’ve seen bikini-clad gyrating arse with ’14’ in the bio is too high to count. There’s sexual freedom, but then there’s sexualising EVERYTHING, including stuff that absolutely should not be.


> He called for MPs to tackle “loopholes” in the proposed online safety bill – which is intended to regulate social media firms and will be debated in parliament on 19 April. They should, he said force companies to tackle not only illegal content, but also that which is clearly harmful but may not meet the criminal threshold. Indecent photos of children, whether nude or not, are illegal in the UK. I’m surprised this hasn’t led to criminal investigations or court orders to block social media sites who don’t do enough.


Shouldn’t the people who posted sexualized images of children be the ones under fire? Instagram is a platform; they don’t create or post content.


“Was that wrong? Should we have not done this?” – Zuckerberg