Interviews are mostly to see a reason not to hire you. Not for reasons to hire you.

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I think if you change your attitudes about interviews — do a complete 180 — you might be more successful in your job search.


That you are in an interview suggests that reasons to hire you were already visible. You are being evaluated in comparison to other candidates and your interpersonal skills


I interview candidates all the time for many different positions. I’m never sold on hiring someone before the interview. I don’t want them to over sell themselves either, because anyone can do that. I like to have conversational interviews. I can gather a lot of information from how we converse about a topic, including how much someone enjoys their work. Generally if people are passionate about what they do and have shown willingness to learn, that is what I like to see. Ability to continuously learn and pride in one’s job are like finding gold. Then it’s about flexibility and how they handle stress, but those things are easier for me to help manage so it’s just important I understand each individuals strengths and weaknesses.


No, just no.


They are looking for someone to hire though, so…