Isn’t Noah’s ark hugely fucked up

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Tip of the tip of the tip of the mountain of BS that is the Bible.


The problem with arguing the minutiae of Bible stories is that people will mistake you for conceding that the basic premise isn’t silly on its face. Even if you could explain away all of the technicalities of how Noah got penguins and kangaroos and New World desert plant life or microbes, etc., etc.. it still doesn’t take away from the fact that the story is gibberish. You’re an all-knowing God, unhappy with your creation, and the only thing you could think of was a big flood that requires some guy to build a boat? My Dude, snap your fingers and fix everything in an instant. This is James Bond villain levels of unnecessarily complicated. There was literally only one person worth saving? What are the freaking odds? The whole thing is just goofy.


Religion/ the world is fucked up, mate. There’s a 1% population of the world making a fool out of the other 99% of us. The beautiful thing about religion, is eventually your slaves start doing your dirty work for you. All for the “greater good”. You can make someone do anything when they are afraid to die and go to Hell.


Just pointing out that for this story to be accepted, the implication is that God kills more people than the devil. Really makes you wonder who’s the real devil in the story.


This is one of my favorite easy examples of god’s horrific nature. Presumably there were also babies and pregnant women in the world at that time, so god murders babies with the flood and then Noah is floating through water with adult and baby carcasses floating by? You just expand into the details and it becomes quite hard to defend. Also wild that this is a common children’s bible story given its gruesome reality.