It’s been more than a year since Biden found out whether he could legally cancel student debt using executive action

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If he does it, it will be when it has maximum political effect.


I was drinking one night in a random dive bar, and met this random guy in a suit. I was intrigued so we started talking. Turns out he was from Sweden on a company trip. He had an MBA and was a practicing lawyer. He got both degrees for free. He essentially said something along the lines of “someone gave me the opportunity to go to school for free, so I really don’t mind paying more taxes for someone to do the same.” That really stuck with me. It’s admirable to have that mindset.


It’s either waiting to get closer to the midterms, or unfortunately, it’s that the banks will pull democratic support if they take away that cash cow. If I remember correctly, Biden was a champion of legislation that eliminated the ability to discharge student loans in bankruptcy.old school senator from Delaware, the banking capitol of the US. (Maybe North Dakota too)


For goodness sake just do something about the interest that’s the real killer. I’ve borrowed $33k I paid back over $35k and I owe $33k. If they can make the interest .25% that would solve a big part of the issue imo.


He isn’t going to let a huge thing like that be enacted on before the window of the midterms is (in terms of having the news be recent and relevant) in full swing.