Kharkiv region: Armed Forces of Ukraine push Russian troops back and liberate 2 towns

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All great news and hope it continues all the way to Crimea.


This invasion will go down in history. Everyone will remember how Ukraine absolutely destroyed Russia’s military. But most of all, everyone will never forget the atrocities Russia has and is committing. There will be no going back after this.


News like this give me hope I’ll return home someday [UPD] Thank you so mush for kind words ❤️


I think they’re missing the real significance of this. Look at Bazaliyivka on the map. It’s a good distance east of Kharkiv. The main battle in the east right now is south of Izyum, where the Russians are trying to push southeast to cut off big chunks of the Ukrainian army. Russian forces in Izyum are mostly being supplied out of Belgorod in Russia. By taking Bazaliyivka the Ukrainians are threatening the supply lines to Izyum. If they continue further east all the Russian forces to the south will be at huge risk. If the Ukrainians really did take Bazaliyivka and keep going east the results could be quite significant.


Quote: “The other day, a Separate Airmobile Brigade near Kharkiv destroyed 5 Russian tanks and 10 armoured vehicles by jet fire”. I am quite confused. Do they mean that SU-25s destroyed all those vehicles ? Or by “jet fire” they refer to shaped-charge anti-tank projectiles ?