LPT: Never assume what worked for you will work for another person. Everyone has a different personality, beliefs and life in general

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Maybe this tip works for you but I don’t think it’s right for me….


I think the key is to know which parts of your idea are fundamentals that are transferable to others, and which are specific cause of someone’s background and give possibility of wiggle room/different approches. The job I just described is called being a therapist. And you dont get a license by watching YT vids (Yes, I can hear all those “ooohhhhh”…”)


Explain this worked for me because. Outline why it worked and reasons other approaches failed for you. This works for subjective and problems that have many approaches to solve.


Christians need to learn this especially. They think their path is the only path that works and the path that they need to preach about. They can’t imagine that anything is done without Jesus. It’s so annoying and mind numbing.