Lunch ideas for work with little prep?

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Make a “bowl of colour” on Sunday. Dice up different coloured peppers, onions, courgette, sweetcorn, peas etc and mix well. Make yourself some rice, couscous, pasta shapes or whatever you fancy the night before each day (each will probably last a few days so doesn’t need to be EVERY day) and mix in a handful of your bowl of colour. For each, add whatever flavourings you have on hand. Some mayo and pesto for the pasta perhaps? Sriracha for the rice, or maybe soy sauce. Mixed herbs for the couscous… If you have any spare from any other meals, mix in some leftover meat.


Do you usually make dinner at home? The least meal prep is what you already do- I cook for 4 instead of two, the leftovers become our lunches. Less to clean up, less work overall.


Sandwiches or wraps. Go to a deli and get good lunch meat and cheese if you can. World of difference and often same price or cheaper than the best packaged stuff. Slow cooker meals portioned and froze ahead of time for days you do feel like preparing. Soups and Chili’s work really well for this. As others have said, adult lunchables. Canned tuna with spices. I enjoy a can of tuna with pepper, Sriracha and mustard. Triscuits or cucumber to use as chips and treated like a dip. Making things with very easy prep such as pasta salads, salads, frittata, or any one pan dish if you can bring yourself to do that.


I do a slightly more sophisticated version of brown bag school lunch when I can’t think about what to make. Sandwich on a roll or nice bread, maybe lettuce- turkey and Swiss, or turkey and Genoa salami. A piece of fruit, one other snack. or two if you will be there awhile. In summer I like to make bean salad and bring a little each day as a snack.


I personally take flavored tuna packets and minute rice cups to work when I don’t have other food. They don’t need to be refrigerated and they last in the pantry forever. Takes a minute to “cook” the rice and then just dump the tuna on top. It breaks down to just a tad over $2 per “meal.” They have flavored chicken packets too if you’re not a fan of tuna. There’s also different types/flavors of rice cups. It’s definitely not for everyone but if you don’t mind flavored tuna packets it’s a super easy and cheap way to get a quick lunch.