Millions of people who left the US job market last year plan to stay away in an act of ‘long social distancing,’ fanning the flames of inflation

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So people who consume less cause inflation? I don’t remember that econ lesson in school. Don’t wages have to go up for wages to affect inflation rates?


Saw a tweet on here the other day that summarized it up perfectly: ​ Working and having a job is supposed to provide a person enough money in order to live(shelter, food, water, healthcare). If working longer and harder isn’t able to meet those bare requirement minimums then there is no reason for a person to hold a job or proactively look for work. The system is broken and were tired of being tired all the time with nothing to show for it except getting pushed further into poverty.


Complete nonsense. If people can afford to not work, then it means they have the means to continue to survive. Inflation is not linked to this.


The financial press will say anything to support wage suppression policies. See, all these people choosing not to work is causing inflation! Pay no attention to the insane stimulus of the past 2 years or the ZIRP which drove up asset prices the past twenty years.


The reason people don’t want to work is because you can no longer live off the money they pay you. If we’re going to be poor either way, why the fuck would we do it in an office? My dad at 17 worked at a restaurant and got a mortgage, now you’ll be lucky to get a shared apartment to rent.