NAACP calls on Justice Department to investigate Mississippi welfare fraud case

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“failure to investigate may lead to the impression that DOJ is continuing the previous administration’s pattern of looking the other way when laws are broken by white state officials, especially when the wrongdoing disproportionately harms minorities.” Another easily winnable chess match waiting on Garland to make a move. He needs to be fired.


Is it fair to say that while politics exist, everything is political and that is no reason to NOT DO YOUR SWORN DUTY? just a thought..


“Well, now I can’t investigate because it might appear political.” -Merrick Garland


I can understand Merick Garland wanting not to seem political, after all I believe he is trying to save the DOJ as an institution since it was nearly destroyed by the last administration, but won’t he be accused of being political no matter what he chooses to prosecute? Prosecuting January 6th? He is politicizing the DOJ Prosecuting welfare fraud in a red state? He is using the DOJ to go after his political opponents. Defending abortion rights from new laws banning abortion? He is using the DOJ to subvert democracy. There is literally nothing he can do that republicans and conservative media would not accuse him of being political. Actually I take that back, if he were to prosecute Hunter Biden they would be praising him.


What an asshole Brett Farve is. Has millions of dollars of his own and every advantage one could want. And this motherfucker uses his influence to steal money from some of the neediest people in the country to help bankroll a scheme to further enrich himself. Shameful.