NASA will roll the SLS rocket back to the Vehicle Assembly Building in Florida before reattempting a wet dress rehearsal test later this year, probably NET June.

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What flies first? SLS or a human rated Boeing capsule? Hell, let’s throw new Glenn in the mix too.


The entire leadership of Boeing needs to be sent to an island and forgotten about. The damage they have done to the American space program in prestige and money wasted is frankly incalculable. What a fucking embarrassment.


Can you imagine what things would look like if we didn’t have SpaceX? With Russia cutting off Soyuz because of sanctions, there would be no resupply of ISS, no crew, they would have to abandon it. Multiple satellites would be stuck on the ground, and now with SLS being an embarrising mess, Artemis would be a sick joke – the questions would be if the US had any future in space. Congress and the FAA need to be shown the door – SpaceX isn’t some sideline, it practically IS the US space program, and people need to reflect that.


Watching the SLS test is like peeling an onion made of incompetence. There are endless layers and it makes you cry.


its a little embarassing to have so many faults that they can’t even run a test….