North Korea’s Lazarus Group Was Behind $540 Million Ronin Theft

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So I’ll fully admit that I don’t really understand crypto. But I thought the whole point was that it was secure and nearly impossible to steal


So if I ask you to send me a dollar and I promise to send you ten back, this is a thing people will do? Makes no sense. But I’m an English major, so math.


north korea am has bad laws and 550 hypothetically is more need and bad country has kim so o


North Korea has lots of really smart people. Their counterfeit bill operations can produce bills that are 100% undetectable as counterfeit. Their homegrown missile program is also something to admire. Hate the game and not the player.


What the DPRK is doing is trying to survive against sanctions. For what? Being anti American and being a socialist state. Who cares the DPRK attacks some crypto nerds and imperialist governments.