Of Course Trump Endorsed a GOP Candidate Accused of Groping More Than Half a Dozen Women

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And then another prominent GOPer here defended Herbster’s groping by asking what the Senator he groped was wearing… F—ing Hal Daub, man. That dude was mayor of Omaha… So, to recap the last week or so of the GOP in Nebraska: Fortenberry’s conviction for taking illegal money and lying to the FBI. A state senator who’s district has poisoned water from a corporation illegally dumping ethanol waste gave a speech about Furries demanding litter boxes in school… Until another senator made him call various high schools to confirm that there were in fact no Furries there. Herbster’s groping. Good week for them


“He denied it very strongly.” Ooof…the logic of the Trump mind.


If you didn’t read the article, one of the women publicly coming out against him is a *very* conservative state senator named Julie Slama. This isn’t some left wing smear campaign when you have women from your own party coming out against you.


I’m from Lincoln. I can tell you, these signs are not coming down. It seems like republicans are gonna die on the “it’s ok to be a rapist” hill.


“Here in Nebraska, we don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. So when we say grab ’em by the pussy it’s not a statement, it’s a promise.” Paid for by Charles W Herbster probably.