Ohio politics: a cesspool of GOP corruption and craziness

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I live in the state. 1000% correct.


Ohio used to be a swing state. Now, it’s shows how democracy dies when the voting process deteriorates.


The state Republicans killed the Unions in this state. Yet, those voters punished the Democrats for it instead of the party responsible. Blows my mind how easily manipulated people are. We have rotted in the last 15 yrs under republican policies. And yet, instead of punishing them, they just keep voting these idiots back in. It doesn’t occur to them, ‘let’s trying something different.’ because they believe what fox news tell them, instead of their actual pocketbook.


Each state has a different version of this problem. West coast states have it compartmentalized in specific areas, within which the corruption and crazy is extreme. In other states it is widespread, sometimes out in the open and other times insidiously concealed and pervasive, such as Florida and Texas. Both those states have individuals who take advantage of their positions and jobs to voluntarily take part in corrupt acts just because they want “their” GOP to win. And then there are states like Ohio, here. This all points to a simple truth: the GOP and the push of conservatism at this point is to engage in corruption and encourage everybody on their perceived side to do it, all to keep the GOP in power regardless of how the public votes, such as January 6th, and moves the GOP has made towards eventually pulling a similar stunt again, or all those times GOP reps win despite not actually winning the vote. Examples? Frankly, I don’t have space nor time to list them all. Let’s just start with Trump, Bush Jr, almost every GOP state senator in Wisconsin right now. Go look this up. It’s a clear pattern of behavior. Voting for the GOP for any reason whatsoever only helps them corrupt the system itself, and it’s already gone on too long. Too much more and we don’t have a democracy anymore.


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