It’s been more than a year since Biden found out whether he could legally cancel student debt using executive action

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If he does it, it will be when it has maximum political effect.


I was drinking one night in a random dive bar, and met this random guy in a suit. I was intrigued so we started talking.

Turns out he was from Sweden on a company trip. He had an MBA and was a practicing lawyer. He got both degrees for free. He essentially said something along the lines of “someone gave me the opportunity to go to school for free, so I really don’t mind paying more taxes for someone to do the same.”

That really stuck with me. It’s admirable to have that mindset.


It’s either waiting to get closer to the midterms, or unfortunately, it’s that the banks will pull democratic support if they take away that cash cow. If I remember correctly, Biden was a champion of legislation that eliminated the ability to discharge student loans in bankruptcy.old school senator from Delaware, the banking capitol of the US. (Maybe North Dakota too)


For goodness sake just do something about the interest that’s the real killer. I’ve borrowed $33k I paid back over $35k and I owe $33k. If they can make the interest .25% that would solve a big part of the issue imo.


He isn’t going to let a huge thing like that be enacted on before the window of the midterms is (in terms of having the news be recent and relevant) in full swing.


What is your stance on prostitution? Should it be legal?

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why is it legal to have sex with strangers for money on camera but illegal off camera?


Any black market will always have greater instances of violence, abuse, and unsafe conditions compared to a well regulated legal market.


To quote George Carlin: “Selling is legal, fucking is legal. Why isn’t selling fucking legal?”


Legalize it, tax it, regulate it, unionize sex work.


Yeah, then it would be regulated. Then pimps would be out of a job. Then prostitutes would be safer.


TIL in 1975 the Grateful Dead played a live show in which they mic’d up live, caged crickets for a song; the drummer is credited with playing “percussion and crickets.”

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Free LSD on entry from Bear


Drugs are one hell of a drug…


Mickey Hart is also credited with playing the fire extinguisher on I’ll Take a Melody on Garcia’s album Reflections


Which drummer?


they also did a show in Buffalo(?) with an orchastra that a boot of has never been found / shared. I think it is the lastest and certainly the most famous of the unshared shows.


TIL something called the “beer mile” exists, where runners must drink a pint of beer for every quarter mile ran. Other variations include a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for 4 miles, as well as a variation in which runners must solve a rubix cube along with each beer for their mile.

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Did you learn this from the NYT Crossword today?


The world record is an unbelievable 4 minutes 28 seconds held by Corey Bellemore of Canada


Some of the x-country folks at my high school would do a chocolate milk mile…….I’d stick with beer


My beer mile is 8 minutes. You aren’t allowed to run and drink, you must chug the beer before beginning to run again.

It’s best to practice with seltzer as you have to get used to the CO2 in your gut otherwise you’ll vomit foam.

And if you vomit, you’re disqualified.

Also look into the Hash House Harriers if you’re interested in drinking and running.


Hash Hound Harriers? The drinkers with a running problem?


ELI5: Why is it so difficult for us to just replicate a bird instead of the kind of fixed wing aircraft we have?

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Flapping bird wings are kind of inefficient. They’re great for picking yourself off the ground, but require a lot of energy to keep going

Larger birds, which are still small and light compared to an airplane, achieve flight easier by riding updrafts in the air and gliding, with very little flapping at all.

This is what the fixed wing aircraft replicates. This has added benefits of less turbulence, with the plane not being pushed up by the periodic addition of lift.


Number one reason is there is no need to.

The mechanics and engineering behind a pivoting wing that is also supporting of the weight needed would be complex. Also, the thrust provided wouldn’t compare to that of modern engines.

So more complex with more things to go wrong for less benefit.


It’s not hard…. At the size of a bird. Beyond that, things start to fall apart

Birds wings cannot carry much. There’s this fact of the universe called “the square cube law”. Tldr: if you make something bigger, it’s weight will increase faster than its size. This law is why there aren’t many elephant sized birds. If they got too big, their bones would be too heavy.

We can technically make bird-sized machines, but bird-like wings don’t really scale up well. They get too big, they just can’t support their own weight. In fact, it’s why there aren’t many elephant-sized animals. Most could not handle the weight of being that big

Tldr: Birds just aren’t the best at flying. That goes to aero engineers.


Actually, I know it may not be intuitive, but helicopters fly like birds. Unlike fixed wing aircraft, helicopters manage lift, direction and thrust with their blades, as birds do to their wings. While airplanes handle lift with their wings (and other lifting areas), thrust with the motor and direction with flight control surfaces (e.g. ailerons).

If your question is why don’t we have airplanes which flap their wings: basically we don’t have any kind of material which could handle that kind of forces. Additionally, as others have said, it would be very inefficient.


One thing that hasn’t been mentioned either is that the wing shape of a plane (airfoil) does in fact replicate/is very similar to a birds wing in cross-section.


LPT if you ever need to find a restaurant that is open on a major Christian holiday try Asian cuisine.

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There was a Dunkin Donuts franchise owned by a really nice Muslim family near my mom’s. I loved it because they would be open on Christmas and it was a tradition for me to stop on the way to my mom’s with the kids in the morning to get coffee and donuts for everyone.

I guess they sold it because last year I swung by and it was closed. Everyone was so disappointed when I showed up with no donuts 🙁


I actually had a craving for Asian cuisine today, but I couldn’t decide if I wanted to have Chinese or Japanese food.

Does that make it a Thai?


A Christmas Story did it.


You mean Jewish Christmas.


LPT: When you put your bag down next to you at the airport, put your leg through one of the straps. No one will be able to steal your bag from under you.

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Hello and welcome to r/LifeProTips!

Please help us decide if this post is a good fit for the subreddit by up or downvoting this comment.

If you think that this is great advice to improve your life, please upvote. If you think this doesn’t help you in any way, please downvote. If you don’t care, leave it for the others to decide.


And then for hilarity, go right ahead and forget that you’ve done this and head off for a cup of tea.


What airport has this problem?


Good for any public transportation like riding the bus, subway, or train. Did it a lot myself when I’d want to take a nap on the way to work.


LPT: Everyone at the airport has gone through security with ID and picture taken. It’s very unlikely anyone will steal your bag there because it is very likely they will get caught.


“Cinnamon Roll” Aurora last month in Fort Yukon, Alaska

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We’ve been getting them almost daily here in Wasilla/Anchorage.


Are they really that vibrant in person or is this just all long exposure shots and some photo shop?


Beautiful until you consider that’s the sun trying to kill you. Then still beautiful.


If your cinnamon rolls are green in Alaska, you might be getting them shipped up there too slowly.


That awakened a desire of travelling abroad just to experience this in person. I hope to be able to do so one day.


Weed at work: The latest issue facing tech companies

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I used to have a co-worker who was an absolute ass, except for the occasional friday where he’d go for a ‘walk’ and come back smelling of weed. He’d be so much more pleasant afterwards I don’t even care about the quality of the work he delivered anymore.


Don’t fire people for smoking on the job, fire them for not doing their job.


I mean with too much of anything, let’s say alcohol, you probably aren’t a very effective employee either.

At least more people will eat at the holiday party.


In college, a little bit of weed really helped me with tasks that required creative focus, such as the initial design phase of projects. However, it definitely was a hindrance with certain other more technical tasks, like anything involving precise logic or coordination with other people.

All substances affect people differently. There are pros and cons, and cases for proper use vs. abuse.


In tech should people understand if you grind those cogs on maximum, they will get destroyed and fall off or they will “self-lubricate” to withstand that grind and hold there a little bit longer.


Toyota Warns About Rushing Into Electrification

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Because they’ve put their eggs in the hydrogen basket?


He wasn’t ”warning against electrification” at all what a misleading title. He spoke about the challenges that need to be addressed. That’s not the same thing at all. All new technology or processes have challenges.

Edit: please stop telling me I read it wrong. The article it’s self had a different title. This website that posted basically the same article a year ago. And on their site it had a different title yesterday.


If tesla was to come with such statement it would carry some weight and credibility. Toyota however as always focused on hybrid and hydrogen technology and has been late to the electrification-party. I would be a bit suspicious about them making such statement as one of the biggest carmakers worldwide who’s electrification is behind the rest.


I wish we were responsible enough for nuclear. We could power items for thousands of years with current tech.


They aren’t wrong about the power grid not being able to handle everyone getting an EV at once. The thing is there aren’t enough EVs being built to overload the grid unless they all go to the same city. Even then they probably just change the hours on the cheaper electricity so neighbourhoods are staggering, a simple software change and mail out.