People who absolutely love their job, what do you do? [serious]

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I used to scoop ice cream (Haagen Dasz). It was my favorite job. I got to hand over ice cream and shakes to people. Very few people are unhappy when they see an ice cream cone coming at them… assuming it’s coming slowly… From 5 to 90, everyone’s a kid when they’re eating ice cream. Downsides: Bloody cold freezer unit, and really heavy tubs of product.


I work with and around exotic animals daily and it’s absolutely the greatest industry (with it’s obvious difficulties). Fulfillment, challenges, relationships, opportunities and experiences… every single day is brand new and never ever the same.


Medical assistant for a hand surgeon. I’m always learning new things, surrounded by highly intelligent people whom I adore and who adore me, I get to play diagnostician all day, and I get to help people.


I teach organic/biochemistry chemistry at a university. I hate failing people but I love watching folks work hard and conquer something challenging.


I work at a cafe most days now and I really like it. – never take work home – never work later than 2pm – I get to play whatever music I want – most of my coworkers exclusively speak Cantonese (I do not) outside of coffee language, which is perfect for me because I’m extroverted but don’t like to talk – the pay for baristas isn’t that bad in Australia, especially considering I get free food all day – no dress code, I can get all the tattoos I want – super fun! and creative honestly, with latte art – seeing people drink and eat things you’ve made is very fulfilling Cons: – get up at 4 most days – have to work weekends – coffee/milk smell that imbeds into your clothes and hair (not pleasant after a while) – sore feet from standing up all day Would genuinely recommend!