Perseid Meteor Shower 2021 at Lesachtal, Austria

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This image seems a bit odd to me, it appears to be centered on the Sagittarius rift in the milkyway & I can see the lagoon & triffid nebulae, which means that Perseus & Cassiopeia is above & behind the observer which is I believe the location of this meteor stream radiant. But, most of the meteor streaks appear not to track back to the radiant, many are runing parallel paths instead of the diverging paths I would expect & sone are even tracking at angles to the rest. I can imaging the odd sideways track is due to a sporadic, but the test puzzle me greatly. Is this a compilation exposure perhaps of many untracked shots? Edit: another look & I am more sanguine, I get about 4 sporadic meteors & two radia one located approximately near where the Perseus meteors should emanate from & one perhaps 30 or so degrees away which does not seem to me to match anything, each is from between 8 to 19 tracks.


I know that place came there many times for vacation. Very beautiful place on earth.