Pittsburgh Mass Shooting: 11 shot, 2 juveniles dead in Easter shooting at Airbnb in East Allegheny

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This does not appear to be a random shooting as the title suggests. House Party at Airbnb with over 200 people, mostly underage. Eight different crime scenes. Title makes it seem like random mass shooting with a single shooter. Still very sad situation


Who and why would you have an Airbnb in East Allegheny?


The problem is that it is a cultural thing and people don’t want to admit it. Parents need to raise their children right and everyone needs to accept responsibility for their actions. It isn’t so much the guns but the attitude and behavior of the people involved.


I sub at a high school in the area, prob 20-25 minutes from this house, and within 5 seconds of watching a video I saw a student from that school at the party on a Facebook video. Pretty crazy how packed the house was. Reportedly it sounds like the person that was running the party was fed up because the staircase was damaged and to many people were coming in and it escalated from there. Very crazy to host a party then get mad it got overran and start shooting. Lot of kids at the party that people in the area know or are friends with etc…. I’m wondering if the shooter/renter was over 18? Who will be held liable since it is an Airbnb and more than just the shooter would be responsible right?


In any other country this would be major headline news for weeks….here in the US this is local news that will be forgotten by the end of business Tuesday.