Putin said he would cooperate with an international investigation into war crimes but ‘he doesn’t trust the Western world,’ Austrian leader says

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Russia: “We have no plans to invade Ukraine” Russia(a month and a half later after invading Ukraine): “We have trust issues”


russia could have been a part of the western world, russia could have become the economic and geopolitical leader of all of europe and the middle east without a single shot… … they decided to shoot.


Whenever I think this guy can’t say something stupider be comes out and proves me wrong. Alright then, don’t use western countries, the U.N is full of Eastern countries get a couple of them to investigate


He is basically saying that he’ll cooperate with an investigation that finds him innocent. If he is found guilty, it is because of Western fuckery and will not accept the verdict


Everyone thinks I’m a bad guy because I killed innocent people, find someone who loves me to tell you about my war crimes